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I love you..

by katie!

I can admit my love to you
In this loving poem
Over the past few months or so
My love it has been growing

I love you, more than anything
You are my one, my only
I want to spend my life with you
Stop you from being lonely

I want to kiss you in the night
And feel your hand in mine
I want to feel your body there
Lying next to mine

I want to hold you so so tight
And love you till I die
You are so perfect in every way
I want to wipe the tears when you cry

I want to wake up every morning
And see you lying there
I want to tell you I love you
So that you know I care

I want to kiss you, I really do
Want that kiss so much
When you are there next to me
I want to feel your touch

Without you I am nothing
This unrequited love
I fade away in the darkness
My angel from above