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Another Number

by Tara

You say that you love me but I look for more -
You've said it so many times before.
As you sleep peacefully in your slumber
I lay in your arms - another number?

How can I know what you really mean?
You say I'm different, that's yet to be seen.
All those words you wrote from your heart -
Said them before, hard to tell them apart.

I wish they could have been for me
Instead I feel sick every time I see
How much in love you once were
And all those feelings you had for her.

So how can I possibly compete
With loves that made you so complete?
Am I just here to fill a void
They left in the heart that they destroyed?

And do you just keep me around
To make up for the emptiness you've found?
This love I have for you is real...
Am I just here to help you heal?

Something reminds me every day
Of all those girls who went away.
I sit here wishing I'd met you before
All that happened, I'd love you more.

But this is life, that's how it went
All that time that you had spent
So much in love, so much in pain
I'm not those girls, I'm not the same.

I feel like a number, it hurts so bad
Realizing all the love you once had.
Always wondering who's on your mind -
Another number - falling behind.