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My Final Words From A Broken Heart

by Ann Stareyes

These are my final words that I have to say to you:

Thank you for bringing me happiness
And for you loving me,
I guess it couldn't be for-ever,
This is how it was meant to be.

I fell in love with you,
And worshiped you so,
You touched my heart,
And then I couldn't let go.

You lead me on,
To make me believe,
You wanted my Love,
And you truly needed me.

I guess I'll now call you a player,
And a good one I have to say,
You fooled this woman,
I really thought you were here to stay.

I've been hurt so much,
I hoped you were for real,
My heart you touched,
I prayed for for-ever not until.

If things don't work out for you,
I hope you never forget me,
Because you'll be in my heart,
In the scar you left for me.

Good bye, So long, Take care and God Bless,
I'll love you forever,
What happened doesn't make me love you any less.