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Disposable love

by misty

Illuminate her darkness, death
release her from her shame
this love is reckless thunder
and she's the one to blame

i lay down my coat of armer
i give up my only shield
my soul, you've pierced; I'm dying
from the words you would not yield

you told me that you loved me
and you'd catch me if i fall
then you turned your back and left me
like a torn up paper doll

i trusted you completely
when i slipped you let me down
and you used your words so hatefully
now i feel like such a clown

my knees are bleeding in the dirt
and tears run down me face
you Rose Against your Angel
and watched her fall from grace

so the "siren" now releases you
before her heart grows cold
this one last act of love she'll do
the "anchor" she will hold

and sink back into darkness
and close her heart to this
and stumble through the coming years
until she tastes deaths kiss


illuminate my darkness, death
release me from my shame
this love is reckless thunder
and I'm the one to blame