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Will you love me too?

by Kayla

You don’t know how much I love you
Or how much I truly care
I only hope you love me too
And know I will always be there
I will never leave your side
Unless you want me to
Can’t wait to be your bride
And say my vows to you
I know we’re still young
To talk about that day
But in your love I’ve sung
And I hope to grow old and grey
Together with you
No one else I prefer
Everything we will get through
All the bad things will be a blur
All of my love
Will forever remain
As free as a dove
From you I can only gain
You are my one and only
That is no lie
With you here, I’m never lonely
And for you I would die
No one can come between us
And our never-ending love
But I still feel unworthy of
You tender love and care
But the thought of being without you
Is something I cannot bear
So tell me now…
Will you love me too
As long as you live
Through and through?