Read Love Poems


by Daniel Ward

Love is so strange a thing,
so many poets write of it,
how can you ever know,
unless you taste at least a bit.
so many things that happen,
when you fall in love,
can't fully explain it,
it's gift from above.
i've loved before,
and lost as well,
it can be sweet,
but can hurt like hell.
bittersweet memories,
run through my head,
even as i write these words,
will they even be read?
you might think you're in love,
throughout your whole life,
and never even glimpse it true,
even if you have a wife.
it's so hard to define,
deep affection for one,
so the dictionary says,
but justice isn't done.
love must be felt,
must be experienced for self,
can't be told how to love,
or buy it from a market shelf.
just know that it's a special thing,
to be truly loved by someone,
if you really and sincerely are,
your life will be filled with fun.
so many writings on this thing,
and yet i write one more,
and all of them forever,
couldn't show you love's roar.
love is the greatest gift,
that God blessed us with,
never take it for granted,
never call it a myth.
don't end a love so pure,
out of jealousy or spite,
never end a true love,
or you will kill a flames light.
someone's flame for life,
will be extinguished if you do,
never mess with love,
for you will feel it too.
O, love is so many things,
these are but a few,
i hope i've given some insight,
the rest is up to you.