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I Will Be Strong

by Ann Stareyes

Our memories now cause pain,
I wish I could erase them from my mind,
And now the tears fall,
Just like a steady rain.

The pain and disappointment,
I never thought I would feel,
I really thought you loved me,
I felt it was truly real.

But what a fool I was,
If only I could have seen,
The games you were playing,
And how they would hurt me.

Your words really threw me,
When you said it could never be,
You said it with such grace,
And this truly bothered me.

Something that was so special,
You truly took away,
Within a blink of an eye,
And there was nothing I could say.

But I will be a survivor,
And overcome this heartache and pain,
I am a strong willed Woman,
I want let this drive me insane.