Read Love Poems


by Just Sierra

My eyes don’t see anything but her
And how I envy her so
I envy everything about her
And hope you never let her go

You left me behind
For that one amazing girl
So hold her tight and treat her right
Because you’ve already broken my world

Unexplainable tears of question
What does she have that I don’t?
I hope you find you’re happy now
Because I know I won’t

Love is too blind, too fickle
Yet I fall too fast
But something like love, built too quickly
Will never really last

But you’re building it with her
I can see it in your eyes
There’s trust and honesty
Love beginning to arise

I keep peering in with tearing eyes
Remembering how I was used
Tossed around, thrown about
Emotionally broken and bruised

Yet I hold onto the bushes
And cling firmly to the ground
I see you wrap your hands around waist
Horror without a sound

Your eyes finally catch me
A cruel smile plays on your lips
As slowly you walk closer to me
Clenching lovingly to her hips

That used to be my waist
That used to be my man
You stood two feet from me
Holding out your hand

I probably should have pushed you back
I should have ran
But I don’t think I could
I still don’t think I can

Your reason was unclear to me
It still is to this day
I’ll never know why you looked so friendly
Extending your hand that way

But somehow I did it
I grasped it tight
I longed to make her go away
I longed to make things right

My thoughts were shuffling
I felt the return of the heartache
But I stifled a tear with a smile
Though my heart did break