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Fixing a broken record

by Lexi Lou

Illusions of light
flicker briefly on your cheek
such an alluring sight
i dare not try to speak

you watch amused
with my child like attributes
you don't try to mold me
or think of beauty as mute

you listen to my words
as if they could change a lifetime
you love me for who i am
not who i was so you can throw me a lifeline

your eyes light up at the sound of my laugh
as you pull me close nearer to all you do
so I'm giggling into your shoulder
its as if you want my happiness to be a part of you

I hiccup after sobbing
I know I'm not a pretty sight
You brush away a tear
And lean in to hug me tight

You know my imperfections
and they are your favorite part of me
your always there to be a soundboard
and catch me when my knees get weak

teach me how to love
even though my heart is stone
help me put it back together
show me I'm not alone