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Life Is Just Not The Same

by Eibutsina

Its bizarre the way you hurt me
And the way you can cut me deep inside
Yet still I can not turn away from you
I can’t go on with out you by my side…
How can something that hurts so bad
At the same time also feel so good
Never believed love was pain to this extent
But perhaps maybe I just should…

Cause when you love someone
You do your best to make them smile
You’d give the only shirt on your own back
Wouldn’t hesitate to walk one thousand miles…
Their laughter fills you with warmth
Their love continues you guide you through your days
You learn to love them through their darkest times
And for all their annoying habits and distracting ways…

That is what you can do for me
I see past your every misconception
It means nothing to me like being loved by you
Waking in your arms, submitting to your affection…
I will hold inside the hurt you’ve caused
And I will battle with my internal broken pain
In the end it doesn’t matter, I’d do it all over
Cause without you my life is just not the same…