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To My Gorgeous Boyfriend!

by Laura

Adorable and easy going,
at the age of sixteen,
With many hidden qualities,
that I still haven’t seen…

He has a smile that can make me melt
which is way to hard to describe.
Then he has these eyes that sparkle
and makes life just a little more worth while.

The way he rubs my hand
sends shivers down my spine
i cant help but smile
knowing that he is mine.

When i hear his voice
all my emotions go crazy
then when i think about him
all my other thoughts get hazy.

I don't know why hes with me
when he could do so much better
but i have to tell him that i love him
and I'm glad that we're together.

So to my gorgeous boyfriend
im just writing to say
i love you so much and
i think about you every day.