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A Summer's Tale

by Rachel E F Allen

We met one summer in a beer garden
I was fascinated by your smile
And from the distance our eyes met over a pint
Blushing I looked away for a while
And then you wandered on over
Entertaining me with a witty repertoire
All my mates were jealous
As I got into your convertible car
The car was flaming boiling
So I wanted to open the roof
But you told me it was broken
I never doubted you were telling the truth
Now at this juncture in my ditty
I’d like to make the suggestion
That I have nothing against getting old
Just be honest about it then there’s no question
So driving along I reached over
To pop my hand on your knee
I hit the automatic roof button
And to my mirth and glee
The roof began to open
Let the sunshine onto my face
And off blew your wig onto the dusty road
With a shiny head in it’s place
Now like I said I’m really not mean
But I couldn’t stop my smile
In fact it’s been two years now
And my cheeks have been hurting for a while
So I have a few suggestions for you
Get a different car
Or a better wig with stronger glue
Or embrace your baldness (the best by far)