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Life Cycle

by Just Sierra

She sits with her love
By the fire of life
Admirations in her eyes
She was more than just his wife

One moment she was praying
For this all to be a dream
The old man she can’t help but love
His skin as white as cream

Both of their hair is tinted
With the symptoms of age
Grey as the clouded sky
A love that can’t meet a gauge

Fifty years of togetherness
After being two single folks
He was on his death bed
Dieing from traumatic strokes

Her eyes that he adored
He watched intently as he died
Slowly he reached up to her face
And wiped away the tears she cried

His face so wrinkled, but determined
To show her his affection
To prove to her that age had not
Tampered with her perfection

Their faces embraced each other one last time
There was no need for words
Their hearts were undeserving
Of all of these hurts

She held his hands as his eyes shut
And he prepared to die
She tried to be so brave for him
She could not stop to cry

The heart monitor beeped faster
A smile was unfurled
He was running out of breathe
That day, she lost her world

She attended the funeral
Still, she held his hand
Wondering why he had to die
She couldn’t understand

They were so young at heart
Their love was always pure
Never had their faith faltered
Or ever felt unsure.

People would try to talk with her
But she didn’t hear a word they said
For the first time in forever
She wanted to be dead.

She lost the love of life
Everything for that matter
Everything all fell apart
Her life began to shatter

Though this tale is sad
Every now and then it’s true
The tenderness of life and love will lapse
A life will fall askew

But though this end was painful
The body of life is worthwhile
Eventually the cycle will begin again
Starting with a loving smile.