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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

by Emilia

This is to my ex-boyfriend:

I wish I could do like Kate in this film
Because I don't want to remember anything
You took your stuff and walked out the door
I won't be loved by someone like you anymore
If I just could erase the memory of you
Then I wouldn't cry every night like I do
You and me weren't meant to be
All this pain hurt me can't you see

Last night I lay awake I couldn't sleep
Couldn't sleep without you by my side
Couldn't sleep without you darling, I cried
R.E.Ms Everybody Hurts was so true
I'm hurt and so lost without you
Over a year of love turns into pain
Over a year of happiness marks a stain

This was supposed to be our summer
This was supposed to be our year
But what can I say when your not here

*You will always be in my heart*