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Take off your mask

by BleedingAngel

When you left you were so mad
I saw the tears in your eyes
you did things that made me so sad
by telling all of your stupid lies

Why won't you show me how you feel
is that too much to ask
we are living in a world that's unreal
where every body wears a mask

Take of your mask and show me your face
I want to see the real you
I have waited for so many days
but now I no longer know what to do

You always makes me cry
and then you act like you don't care
so now if I say goodbye
you wouldn't even be there

I loved you with all of my heart
but maybe that was wrong
you changed me from the start
you made me weak when I was strong

Just remember you hurt me too
so why am I the only one to worry
you must know by now that I love you
but I'm so tired of saying I'm sorry