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Everything To Me

by erikka baby

You left me here.
without anything to hold on to
Nothing but sad memories
and a song that I can't stand to listen to
Thanks for the times that meant
Everything to me
but nothing to you.
I was just a game, a test run.
Just to see how things would go
I guess you didn't like it
Because you pulled over
And left me here alone
You walked away from this
like it never happened
But in reality you held my hand
You kissed my lips
You held me close
And you pushed away the memories
That meant the most
We still talk like we use to,
Laugh when nothing's funny
And look at each other
Like we're still inlove
Someone came between us
And that person got in the way
Of you being my everything
So I'm sorry I wasn't good for you
But I'm here for you, no matter what
Because you were everything to me
when I was nothing to you
And I'm still holding on to the memories
Like we both use to.