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True Love's Pain

by foreverhappy

I was laying in bed
Tossing and Turning
Crying so much
My eyes were burning
Inside of my body
I could feel my heart break
Never before had I
Experienced such an ache
I guess reality
Was starting to set in
I would never be able
To call you mine again
What we once had
Means nothing to you now
You've already moved on
But I don't know how
Everything I ever did
I did it all for you
I made it through another day
Believing everything you said was true
I thought you really loved me
And that you really did care
I thought you were the real thing
And that you'd always be there
I should have known
It was to good to be true
Because now I'm lying in bed
Longing for you
You want to remain friends
But I love you the same
Thats why tonight
I'm ending this game
I want you to know
That I've always loved you
Since the very first time we met
And theres nothing I could do
I tried to stop loving you
But there is no way
Not when I saw you smiling
Every single day
So tonight when I die
Remember one thing
I died with a pain in my heart
Only a true love could bring