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Unapproved Love.

by Krystin

You are my angel
Sent from heavens sky
I thank God for you presence
I hope this feeling never dies

My heart is overwhelmed
By the love you've given me
We're going to last forever
Just you wait and see

Since you are not here
When ever I'm feeling alone
It's like you read my mind
You pick up the phone

We will talk for hours
There's always something to say
They tell us young love fades
But ours is here to stay

Your the first thing i think of
And your always the last
You've made my life so happy
Sadness is now in the past

I just wish i had the approval
From my mom and dad
I wish they could see
Your the best thing I've ever had

They just don't understand us
For their hearts are cold
They say we should only be friends
Because your "too old"

But that'll never stop me
There's NOTHING they can do
They will one day realize
That i really, truly love you