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Finding An Angel

by Libby M

He sat beside me
I sensed him being
Near me.
I looked at him
And that twinkling of an eye
Became a moment.

His eyes searched
what surrounded him,
till he found me sitting
beside him quietly.

No words spoken
just eyes viewing
what the Almighty
Has long ago created.

I smiled gently, but-
immediately feared
that he might notice

I walked-he followed me
I sensed him being near me
I turned -And nothing
to my surprise-
He was still there with me.

I hid away in the grace
Of God-I begged not to
Be noticed, not to be
Noticed at all.

But the Angels-
Oh the angels-
They had a different Plan.
They had it all-all figured out.

At last, I turn-And there
he stood-he found me-
He found my missing pieces
He found my shattered heart.

He walked towards me-
And a moment began to
form-only this time a moment
To last for an eternity.

I looked at Him-
And he smiled
but before a word
was allowed to be spoken
He vanished-and I knew.

I knew that he had noticed
I laughed quietly and kept
On foot-
I found my seat-
And My eyes found God again.

I smiled-And whispered
Asking God-Was that
An angel of Yours?-
If So-Lord Send him
Back to me again.

I want to rest in him
I want to speak to him
I want to tell him
My story-
About My broken heart
About my journey
About my falling
About my hopelessness
About how my heart knew
He was the one...

Send me An Angel-
Oh Lord send Him
Again To me-
Oh Lord-send him to
Me if You Can tonight.

Libby M.