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A friend that’s never found

by Carrotgirl

Flickering Monitor
Attracted by the light
Searching personal details
Drawn in by your sight

Society would judge us
We are both the same
Prejudice Intolerance
Placed on us the blame

You stand wearing armour
deflecting every blow
I hide in a shadow
Determined to lay low

Suicidal Obsessive
You could never love me
Depressed Rejected
You must never see

Is it hard not to see
Idiot in lesbian clothing
Is that I am not for you
I deserve your loathing

I am the cold that bites
You are the stars at night
Upon your sword I bleed
Earthmage's blade so bright

I was thinking of you
The butterfly's inside
Remembering your face
Destined here to hide

I'll watch until you go
My rules I break
An end to my silence
To find upon your wake

You will never find me
A shadow a faint sound
I'm poison to your lips
A friend that’s never found