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Fallen warriors

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

Two condemned souls now fighting as one
Fallen warriors of the Armageddon
Resurrected to once again reign
Still impelled by last battles pain

As all day and dawn turns to endless night
The two warriors take their stance ready to fight
Remembering tears from battles lost
For everything good comes at a cost

Now there they wait, for battle to commence
Their hearts filled with fear and vengeance
But silences sweeps across the battle ground
And no other soul or warrior is around

The two warrior’s conscience dwelt
In fears of the new presence felt
Why could the enemy not be seen?
What did this ghostly silence mean?

They began to walk, in search for their foe
Striding on uneven ground not knowing where to go
Cautiously walking threw the mist that covered the land
So many things unable for them to understand

Threw the mist, under now darkened sky
Trying to find where their enemies lie
The sudden sound of thunder a flash of light
Show what was hidden in the darkened night

A creature so vile and full with wicked power
Stood before the two warriors at the strike of the hour
Its heart frozen cold, it’s eyes blood shot red
Filled the souls of the warriors with endless dread

With drawing out their weapons striking fast
They knew it was hopeless for they wouldn’t last
To much depression, too much pain and hate
Had filled the world, now it was too late

For too long had people fought and killed
For too long life had been spilled
The humans had created their own hell
All by themselves, under no spell

The warriors shuddered from fear of their demise
Their feelings and emotions flaming from their eyes
No backing down though, but fighting on
Trying to make the right from wrong

Back to back, trying so hard to survive
Fighting for the people who where no longer alive
But as they grew weary from the pain
Down fell a gently soft rain

A single fleck of light appeared in the sky
All looked up with faces questioning why
And from that light there came some hope
Though the warrior’s pain was too hard to cope

But lights began to fill the sky
Souls of all those who had sadly died
Joining together with their love
And soon all had fallen from above

They joined together, despite black or white
Back to back, protecting each other through out the fight
So many more deaths, so many cry’s
On the earth’s ground the warrior’s bodies lie

Destroying all the evil, with something long lost
They used a hidden weapon but at a cost
For love was the light, the only one able to shine
So strong, so powerful, able to blind

Love had finally won for so long it had been forgotten
And the hearts of many had been hurt and rotten
But now the world, learning by its mistakes
Remembered that lack of love takes

It’s takes those you care about, friends, lovers
Destroys them all, mums dads, sisters and brothers
All because man refused to let love live
Refused to care, love and forgive

But finally when they knew what love really meant
Their lives had been wasted and not well spent
Many died without ever knowing happiness
Many died just from pain and sadness

So as they all died and went back to where they came
They hoped and prayed life wouldn’t be the same
They hoped people would realise and maybe see
That without love in the world, there is no you and me