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Alone again

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

Soft gentle kisses
Whispers so sweet
You fulfill my body
Making me complete

Your soft lips touch mine
Your hands on my skin
As we move closer together
Your body within

Kissing me deeper
Running your palm down my hair
The pleasure I receive
I can not bare

Your skin so soft
Tender to the touch
I tell you in your ear
That I love you so much

I close my eyes
Fulfilled with pleasure
The love I am receiving
I can not measure

But as they open
Its back to my life
The bed empty
I am alone tonight

You’ve gone back home
Yet I knew you could not stay
It breaks my heart
Everytime you go away

I pull the blanket closer
I take in your scent
Remembering the day you came
To the day you went

A few tears down my cheeks
As I lay back down on my bed
Trying now so hard
To get you out of my head

Missing you so much
And loving you more
Wishing I had not let you
Go threw the front door

I close my eyes again
So I can dream of you
The things you say
And the things you do

I hope it isn’t long
Before I see you again
So we can hold each other tightly
And dance in the rain

Until then I’ll dream
And we’ll talk on the phone
And I’ll think of you
When I’m alone

But when you come back
We’ll kiss and hug
And I’ll no longer have to dream
Of our ever lasting love