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This Smile

by Amanda Bee

Do you see this beautiful smile?
This exquisite, dazzling smile of mine
Take a good hard look at it sparkle
For this will be the very last time

That I’ll grace you with it’s presence
That I’ll display it for your eyes to see
Because you my friend are not worthy
Nope, you’ll get no more smiles from me

Do you see this lovely smile?
Filled with love from deep within
Don’t look forward to seeing another
Not a smirk, not a beam, not grin

Try to break this woman’s spirit
Attempt to put her in her place
Then you expect her to be happy
Hmph, won’t see a smile upon this face

Do you see this radiant smile?
Take some time to memorize
Perhaps the memory will tide you over
You’ll have to recall it from your mind

Say goodbye to this sweet smile
The one you claim that you adore
Now is your chance, take one last look
Cause you won't see me smiling anymore