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You Promised

by Taryn

You promised you'd always love me
and you'd always be by my side,
you promised me ours would be a love
that we wouldn't need to hide.
you promised you'd never leave me
and that you'd always be here,
then why aren't you now
you are no where near!
why'd he have to take you
away from this world,
you promised me one day
that I'd be your girl.
now you're gone
he took away my life,
when he took you away
on that night.
i hate him more
than words can say,
but I'm mad at you too
for leaving that day.
you were so young
you had so much ahead of you,
you knew i loved you then
and believe me i still do.
why'd you have to leave me
here all alone,
you are the only one
who ever really felt like home.
you were my first love
and you i will never forget,
me not saying goodbye
will be my only regret.
if only i had of been there
things could have changed,
and you wouldn't have been
thrown in front of that train.