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Together Forever....

by Kailynn Makenna

We’ve been hanging out a lot
And everything’s been going well
But for some reason tonight
I feel the need to yell

I wish that you were here
So I wouldn't have to worry
And I’ve tried to see this clearly
But everything’s so burry

You’re out with your ex-girlfriend
When you should be here with me
And I don't know how to say this
But maybe you two were meant to be

And maybe I'm just jealous
But I really don't know why
And all this pain is building
And making me want to cry

You say that you don't want to
But you feel that you must go
I just don't see it that way
And this pain you may never know

I guess that I'm just scared
On what you guys might do
You say that you don't love her
But how do I know that’s true

Maybe after today you’ll like her
More than you thought you would
But ill still be right there
To help you all I could

So for now ill sit here and cry
And hope we’ll still be together
And then I could finally say
That we’d be friends forever