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With All My Heart

by Joy

I never really believed,
In this whole "love" thing,
But when I first saw your face,
I could hear my heart sing.

That sweet smile on your face,
The gentle look in your eye,
Just one look at you,
And I could hear myself sigh.

I gathered my courage,
And walked right up to you,
From that day foward,
I knew it was true.

We just started out as friends,
And talking on the phone,
But I couldn't take it anymore,
So I let my true feelings be shown.

I told you how I really felt,
The love I had for you,
My worst fear was you'd turn away,
But that turned out not to be true.

You told me you felt the same,
But had the same fear as me,
From that day foward,
We knew it was meant to be.

I hope we'll always be together,
And things will never tear apart,
I'd also like to remind you,
That I love you with all my heart.