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Down in Flames

by Jesse

If I could I would do it all over again
I would go back to where it all began

I sew this up with threads of regret
To keep it inside, not to forget

As I lay here thinking of you
Dreaming of all the things we used to do

I close my eyes and try not to cry
Knowing that we have said our goodbyes

And even though we are apart
I still feel you in my heart

I open my mind and you are there
With deep green eyes and twists in your hair

You will always be my Cutie
When I say this, please believe me

I wish I was there when I was needed
I know I made a mistake and I have pleaded

‘Cause I am missing my love
I am without my angel from above

Do you feel what I feel too?
Do you feel that the universe is askew?

Without you I am nothing but a mess
Since you’ve left, all I’ve done is regress

And as everything starts to fall apart
I see that it ends just like it starts

With my dreams engulfed in flames
Knowing that now I will never be the same