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I Love You

by Sara Lee

I'm missing my baby,
it can't get much worse.
I close my eyes to see that smiling face
and all i can do is just hurt.
I can't wait to hold your hand again
and wrap you in my arms.
I'll always be here for you
and i would never cause you harm.
To share my deepest thoughts with you
is a dream come true in itself.
But how could i possibly hold back
with the way you make my heart just melt.
I love to stare into your brown eyes
and the way your soft hair just flows
and the way you smile when i make you laugh,
your entire face just glows.
You're part of all i do now
you're with me all the time.
Can't close my eyes without seeing you
because you're always on my mind.
Some people say love is painful
others say love is blind
But i know I'm in love and i don't say either.
I just thank God for making you mine.