Read Love Poems


by AshBnash

I'm not perfect
I'll never be
He thinks that I am
but what does he see?

How can I tell him
that I'm not that great.
The person I am now
Is a person I hate

I try so hard
to not let him down.
I try to smile
and try not to frown.

In his eyes
I can see
All the things
I should be

He knows me
He knows the part
of me that I keep
locked up in my heart.

He's so perfect
in my eyes,
Whenever we part
a part of me dies.

Next to him
I feel so small
and that's not
because he's tall

He's gone through so much,
Trials so long
I wish I could be
just as strong.

He's always right there
when I need someone to hold
When he holds me near,
I feel worth more than gold.

Without his touch
I don't know where I'd be
I would feel like
I was lost at sea.

I just hope
he never leaves me behind
Another love like his
would be so hard to find.