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Through It All

by Joy

Sometimes we get,
Into a stupid little fight,
We let our emotions free,
And we yell with all our might.

I smacked you once,
You slapped me back,
It hurt to think about us,
Involved in this attack.

We love each other,
Both of us know its true,
I know we've had our hard times,
But we'll make it through.

You're always there for me,
It's like you're my best friend,
But when we argue and fight,
I'm afraid it'll all end.

I want you to know I care,
Even when my emotions get to me,
Don't forget I love you,
Hopefully you can see.

You're my whole world,
My life, my love, my guy,
Sometimes you're the only thing,
Keeping me going by.

I love you so much,
Even through it all,
Thank you for putting up with me,
And helping me stand tall.