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Old Feelings

by Alicia Biter

What are all the feelings in my heart
it's so hard to tell them apart
i thought that i was over you
now i know that can't be true
I'm starting to think of you night and day
and hang on every single word you say
I'm starting to look at you in a different light
believing, once again, you could be Mr. Right
I'm not sure i want these feelings to come back
what i need to be strong right now is what i lack
you hurt me badly once before
to never want you again is what i swore
i told myself to let you go
and i was pretty good at doing so
i thought i was over you for good
the chance for us no longer stood
i was wrong to think all of this
you are what I'm starting to miss
i wish all these old feelings would go away
it's getting to hard to keep them at bay
i want to tell you how i feel
but I'm afraid my feelings are not real
I'm afraid I'm on the rebound
no matter how stupid that may sound
i don't want to get hurt once more
i would probably get hurt more than before
I'm not sure what i should do
but i really want to be with you
you probably don't feel the same way
which is even more of a reason for me to stay away
i just don't want these feelings to be here
all i want is my head to be clear
i guess I'll have to deal with it for now
until i get over you somehow