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Girl who can not be saved

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

I’m feeling so lost now
Once again I’m alone
I know you hate me now
I can tell by your tone

We’ve been torn apart
and don’t want to live
Now you’ve torn my heart
There is no forget and forgive

So what am I to do
Forget it all?
Just not love you?
I’d rather die and fall

I sit here on my floor
My entire body shaking
Deep down inside
I feel something awakening

I try to ignore it
Push the feelings away
But as long as I feel this way
The thing inside me will stay

So I look out the window
Wondering if I’ll see the moon
You told me just last night
That it should be here soon

I use to always look at it
And think of it as a light
Now I see it as an evil thing
That comes out at night

And as I stare, I remember
You made me so strong
And in times of confusion
You taught me right and wrong

Then I think what will happen now
Will we just go are separate way?
Did I make the mistake?
Of not asking you to stay

I feel so confused and lost
So I keep my eyes shut
Wanting now more than ever
To just completely give up

But then I feel it again
This burning inside
And from my angered emotions
I cannot hide

Blood pours from my wounds
And my heart beats faster
My whole life has turned
Into a great disaster

I stare into the mirror
Glaring at what I see
Everything has happened
All because of me

Why am I always changing?
Why am I never me?
How come it’s only a mask
That the people see?

I always hide my face
Forever disguise my eyes
For when looked in deep enough
You’ll see what lies inside

For as long as can remember
I have never been myself
I always try so hard
To be somebody else

I’m so scared of what I am
For we all have a darker side
Its just I can hide mine
Bury it deep inside

The world isn’t ready for me
turns out neither where you
Because of me showing you me
You said we’re threw

Now everything seems to be fading
As I sit her all alone
All I can do is cry now
And make it on my own

I’ll just wait here
For I lost the one I desire
Only he can bring me back to life
And light me like a fire

But I know it’s over
And soon I’ll fade
For I am the lost girl
Who can not be saved