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Keeper of My Soul

by Timothy Bledsoe

I look at her
And an angel I see
Who could never be touched
By someone like me

And yet here I stand
With her in my arms
I don't understand how she
Could fall for my charms

She kisses me lightly on the neck
And runs her fingers through my hair
Her tender caress
Is almost more than I can bear

I love the way she looks
Into my eyes when she talks
I love how she makes me follow
Where ever she walks

I never thought
That I'd find this girl
I am her oyster
She is my pearl

She doesn't realize
Just how much I need her
If she were to leave me
Life would have nothing to offer

Whenever she looks my way
I know that she loves me
I don't know why though
How lucky can one guy be

She is so good to me
I don't deserve this
Yet with me she wants to be
She shows me with a kiss

When she says those three words
It makes my heart flutter
Then she takes my hand
And I melt like butter

I don't know how she does it
She makes me feel whole
She's the owner of my heart
The keeper of my soul