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Love Forever

by Ann Stareyes

You're truly my soul mate,
I knew it at the start,
You captured my love,
And you stole my heart.

Thirty years of loving you,
Our love remains strong,
We traveled many rough roads,
But we continued on.

God gave us a beautiful family,
That I'm so thankful for,
Two sweet and loving Sons,
That I simply adore.

Now that our Sons are grown,
God blessed us once again,
He's given us two precious Grandkids,
That we'll love till the end.

As we continue on our journey,
My love you still hold,
The warmness that's in my heart,
Will never grow cold.

I love you still today,
The same as I did in the past,
We were two of the lucky ones,
We survived and made our love last.

If I was to die tomorrow,
I have no regrets,
You and my Family are my life,
I've truly been blessed.

Dedicated to my husband, Ricky
The man that has owned my heart
For all these yrs.