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Til Forever

by Court

I love you more than anything,
I love you more than friends,
I'll love you 'til forever,
Until the very end.

We had our special time,
It was only for a while,
Then you suddenly left me,
Sad, and lacking a smile.

I know you very well,
I know you better than most,
But since you left me,
Your presence is very vague, almost like a ghost.

I still remember when you left me,
It hurt me deep inside,
It hurt me so bad,
It felt like my own soul had completely died.

Then stuff happened,
And things got really bad,
Through it all i still loved you,
Even though it all made me so sad.

A long while later,
We got back in touch,
It made me so happy,
I smiled so very much.

We still talk off and on,
I come and see your band play,
I still think that,
We may get back together one day.

Because I love you more than anything,
And I love you more than friends,
And I'll Love you 'til forever,
Until the very, very end.