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Oops! I Fell For You

by Rachael

Oops! I fell for you
I really didn't mean to
I told myself I wouldn't
So I wouldn't end up here.

I tried to shut you out
And slammed the door in your face
I thought you'd stay away
But that was just not the case.

You made me open up
And put my trust in you,
You've never let me down
And I hope you never do.

We share so much
We joke and play,
While I fall for you
A little more each day.

I know that you're taken
I've known it from the start,
And the fact that we can't be
Weighs heavy on my heart.

I try so hard to change my mind
And say it isn't real,
But I just can't deny myself
How I truly feel.

You belong to her
So I'll sit and wait,
For time to play out
And decide our fate.

I was minding my own business
Doing what I had to,
Then you walked into my life
And Oops! I fell for you...