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That Night

by Matthew


That night we met, it changed my world;
It meant more to me than a ring of gold.

That night you decided to get over him;
Your eyes met mine with the lights turned dim.

That night we danced with you in my arms;
Your heart opened up and gave in to my charms.

That night your smile was a radiant beam;
Because I was the boy in last nights dream.

That night sweetheart it occurred to me;
That you were the girl of my fantasies.

That night we kissed in darkened hall;
And my heart told my mind I wanted it all.

That night as I watched you walk away;
I thought of all the things I didn't say.

That night I thought it had just begun;
But our epic romance instead was done.

That night is past and out of sight;
But we will forever have our night.