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What You Do To Me

by Kayloni Ann

Perfect to the bone-
Which I never thought was true-
I never thought it was possible-
but great-fully I met you!
This is so amazing-
the way you make me feel-
I hope that we last-
and that all of this is real!
I want to be in your arms forever-
I want to always hold you tight-
cause when I am around you-
everything is so perfectly right!
what you do to me-
is something I have never felt-
how you do it I don't know-
but you barely touch me and I melt!
I've never been so comfortable-
I've never been so free-
I've never had the experience-
of what you do to me!
I hope you know you change me-
you bring out my best-
and I really want to make this work-
and never have any less!!!