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Who You are

by SmileeItsBritt

It's really strange to me
The way you make me feel inside
You make me feel so happy
And you don't even try
Just a simple hello from you
Really makes my day
When I see your smiling face
Everything seems to feel okay
My friends they think I'm crazy
But they don't understand
Just being in your presence
Pulls me away from my horrid land
Just being around you
Makes all the bad things disappear
The sound of your voice
Makes me forget about my tears
I go from feeling really down
But when I see you I'm lifted up
You have changed my world
And I couldn't thank you enough
You're the only one I've fallen for
And boy, have I fallen hard
You let me into your life
With no regrets or disregards
So I want to thank you
For just being you
When I feel so alone
I'll remember, theres you