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Older Men Pt.1

by Fireflower

Why did it have to be you,
That i would think my love is true?
I know it's plain for me to see,
That you're 17 years older than me.

When i compare you to boys my own age,
I feel tied down, and locked in a cage.
Because they're so childish and immature.
It's you i need, my emotions are sure.

I know society would not agree,
For us to be together, you and me.
And even worse, you're the son of a preacher.
And it's too bad you're my honors english teacher.

You're funny, smart and real.
I personally don't see what's the big deal.
I would give you all my love forever.
It's just too bad we can never be together.

I look at you, and you look at me.
I'm longing for you, can't you see?
Maybe you're longing for me
It's just too bad we can never be an item, you and me.