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Looking For Someone Like You

by mary

I’ve been looking and looking for someone like you
To just wander in my life,
And make me feel the way you do.
For you to approach me
Instead of me just eyeing you
I’ve been searching for someone like you,
For someone that says the things you say
And that talks in that special way
For you to ask me about my day
And really care about what I have to say
I’ve been looking for someone like you
To treat me the way I should be treated
And always make me feel that I am needed
And when I gave up and stopped looking
You came up and talked me
You cared for me an loved me
You talked to me
And comforted me
You treated me like you needed me
Just the way I fantasized it would be
I’ve been looking and searching for someone like you
But instead of me finding you, you found me