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Part of me is hoping

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

Everything is fading now
All the sorrow and the pain
Though I still see him there
Standing in the rain

I keep trying to walk away
I need to leave him there
But I want to go back to him
To tell him I still care

God I miss him so much
But a part of me always knew
That we would fall apart
And all would be threw

You where so confident
That we’d stay together
And for a time I played along
Though I knew love wasn’t forever

You understood me somehow
You made my day feel brighter
And when I felt my problems where heavy
You made them feel so much lighter

How I always dreamed
Of just being alone with you
Having a house and family together
Watching our children as they grew

But I was too much a burden
I bought out your darker side
The one full of pain and hate
The one you try to hide

But it wasn’t just me who did this
Whenever you said I love you
You’d start to go on
About all the wrong things I do

You sometimes would bring me down
Make me feel so weak
Like I was nothing at all
To small enough to speak

We both made mistakes
But you no longer seem to see
Your too caught up in the darkness
Trying to get free

But none of that matters now
For you is why I left
You believed if I stayed with you
I’d bring you to your death

So remember I did this for you
I didn’t want to leave
But I refuse to say sorry about anything
I’m not one to go down and plead

But part of me is hoping
That you’ll come back for me
And together we’ll work on our dreams
And one day, both of us will be free