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Right By Your Side

by Carlee Ann

I've seen your life fall apart
Seen the trouble from the start
I want to let your pain rest
But I've never been so helpless

It's like you are suffocating right in front of my eyes
On all the hurt and all the lies
And I'm reaching out to make things right
And you can't see and are losing the fight

I don't know what to do
To help stop the pain for you
Thank God you're still alive today
I've just got one thing to say

If you ever need my help
You know I'm here for the ride
I plan to stay where I have always been
Right by your side.

Don't lose your grasp
I'm never going to leave
Please know I am here for you
I love to hear you breathe

I couldn't live life if you were gone
I could no longer sing the Lord's song
I would simply go insane
And go with you to stop my pain

I shiver at the simple thought
Of being alone, of being forgot
I am behind you all the way
No matter what happens, for you I will stay

All the ones that love you care
And it would be unbearable if you weren't there
I'm so proud of you for resisting
If you need to talk, I am listening

I hope God can save you from yourself
I love you more that you could know
I can't bear the thought of you being gone
So please, have mercy, don't go

I can't seem to reach you
So I'll just love you tonight
And always know I'll never give up
Until everything is alright

Dreams may fade
But my God has forbade
My love for you to ever end
So please stay here, my friend

I can't hope for anything more
Than to stop you from hurting again
But it's out of my hands
I have to suffice to God's plan

Just to hear you inhale and exhale
Gives more relief than I could tell
So please don't let your breath die
I couldn't live if you said goodbye.