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Won't stop loving you

by xUnbreakablex

You can tell me anything
My head will understand
Tell me you don't love me
And it's not going as you'd planned

You can break your promises
My mind will be OK
I'll move on, get over you
And I will walk away

You can tell the whole of me
It's over, we are through
Just don't tell my heart
Cos it won't stop loving you

So say that you feel nothing
Or even make me cry
Deep inside, my heart still beats
And my love for you won't die

You can shatter all my dreams
Take away my right to breathe
Truth is you could slit my throat
And I'd apologize for bleeding on your sleeve

You could steal my freedom
Imprison me in chains
But I'd still stand beside you
And put up with all your games

So go off into the sunset
With yet another girl
But don't think I'll forget you
Because right now you are my world