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Unidentified Heart

by Carmen

Some people say,
You can't love someone before meeting them;
Even though we never met,
I feel connected to him.

Some say I know nothing,
About him at least.
Maybe I don't.

But deep down,
Down inside,
I know that I do.
There is nothing left to hide.

I don't know him personally;
I don't know his name,
I don't know his age,
I especially don't know his body's frame.

One thing I do know is,
I love him.
Not that kind of love,
That's broken on a whim.
The kind of love,
Were you two must talk,
Feel each other there,
And take our love on yet another walk.

He probably doesn't love me,
I mean, he hasn't even seen my face!
And if I had disappeared,
I'd be gone, without a trace.