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Forever, My Love

by Ann Stareyes

When you asked me to marry you,
What a special day for me,
The tears I cried with joy,
This is how I wanted it to be.

The vows I said to you, I meant,
Till death do us part,
I've loved you forever it seems,
You have always held my heart.

You've walked every step I've taken,
Shared my happiness and pain,
You've loved me unconditional,
And I've loved you the same.

Every time I've ever needed you,
You've always been by my side,
You've always lifted my spirits,
If you seen a tear fall from my eye.

You've always provided for our family,
And a good man you truly are,
That's why I fell in love with you,
You truly are my heart.

So many thought we wouldn't make it,
But boy, did we prove 'em wrong,
Our love just continues to grow,
We know where our hearts belong.

I love you more than words can say,
Or anything I could ever do,
You truly are the Love of my Life,
And I thank God for YOU!