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If You Only Knew

by Timothy Bledsoe

Here is where I stand
Everything cold and distant
If she could see me now
She would know in an instant

Gazing lovingly at her
Looking away when she turns
The things she does to me
This feeling inside me burns

Whenever she comes near
My heart skips a beat
Then I start to panic
And I must turn and retreat

She doesn't even notice
What she does to me
She doesn't know I exist
And why would she

I can't let her know
Exactly how I feel
So against my heart
I have to steel

Here comes a guy
With her in his arms
He's totally oblivious
To all of her charms

But she's with him
And not with me
I always knew
It could never be

This simple truth
Makes my world blue
And I say to her secretly
"If you only knew"