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Shadows of an Angel

by ShadowedPhoenix

When you left I thought I'd be ok,
I thought I'd move on and embrace a new day.
When you left I didn't fall apart,
It was a week before it actually reached my heart!

I walked around with my head held high
Never letting a soul see me cry.
I walked around with a smile so bright,
While holding back tears with all my might.

I listened to all the encouraging words some would say,
day after day!
I listened to all the rumours I was told,
I believed it all and the scars stung my soul!

I thought all the pain would go away,
and my pride and self-respect would stay!
I thought that I'd fall outta love with you,
that I'd find a new guy that would be true!

But i guess it would stay like the rain
and the Shadows of an Angel remain!!!