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If I am Not Here Tomorrow

by Amit

If I am not here with you tomorrow,
There is something I want you to see,
I loved you from the core of my heart,
Remeber you were everything to me.

Remember my love in each word I said,
my love did not change like the weather.
Remember the little fights we used to have,
and the times both of us spent together.

You controlled my way of living from there,
you were the bearer of my heart and soul.
You were the princess of my dreams,
the one who made me feel as a whole.

Remember I loved you with all my heart,
I loved you like none else can ever do.
I never asked for anything in return,
my love was unconditional and true.

Remember the joyous time we spent,
and the happiest moments left behind.
Remeber my touch, my warm embrace,
Someone like me you will never find.

Does not matter where life will take us,
maybe, we will be forced to separate.
we have no guarantee of being together,
we will have to bear our lonely fate.

So if I am not here with you tomorrow,
because tomorrow is never promised,
Just remember what I meant to you,
the one who taught you what true love is.