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A Disney Tale Starts A New

by DMG

I’d found my Cinderella
I thought that we would be
Together happily ever after
For eternity

She’d found her Prince Charming
But then she did leave
Fore Cinderella’s beauty
Was something to deceive

I’d found my Princess Jasmine
We journeyed through the stars
But one star dimmed on that same night
With an empty heart like Jafar’s

I showed her a whole new world
And gave her all my love
But now my magic carpet and I
Fly alone above

I thought I’d found Ariel
And Prince Eric was I
She returned to the ocean’s depth
And left me out to dry

She had a chance to live life
With her two legs and me
But instead she returned home
Back under the sea

Who knew that fairy tales
Were merely just dreams
No princess nor happiness
Live in truth it seems

I dreamt that I would wake up
And be living a Disney life
Find the Princess of my dreams
And one day make her my wife

To live happily ever after
However, I now think
Is only a thought to paper
And is only true in ink

But maybe one day Disney
Will become reality
Maybe that day's today
My princess’s name is *****

The name of my new Princess
Of whom I do not say
Will be known to everyone
As we let our love make its way

Though right now it's secret
Soon we will let it be
And my Princess and I
Will live a tale like Disney